We care for your ads! With Sayalota, you and your ads are our number one concern.

We operate our own enterprise class ad server with continuous uptime to deliver your advertising content as seamlessly as possible, according to your individual needs.
We have worked in the field of online marketing since 2007, and we have already handled over 600 customers both in Spain and abroad, including many large corporations.

Since 2007

The company was founded 2007 in Palma and is operated by Alexander Hornung who successfully started affiliate-business 15 years ago in Germany

900 Million Adimpressions per Month

Currently we are serving over 900 million adimpressions per month.

Focus on Display and Retargeting

Since 2010, various products focusing on the theme of retargeting have been developed, such as a container solution and our own system for conducting personalized retargeting campaigns.

We offer several billing models: CPM (cost per mille), CPC (cost per click), CPO (cost per order), CPL (cost per lead) or a revenue share.

Fixed Price

For CPM-based billing, we usually receive 15-30% of your advertising budget as a service charge. The risk for the campaign usually lies with you, not with us.


Performance-based billing has clear advantages for you as the customer. You don’t pay for mere clicks or impressions. You only pay if the user has also registered or generated a sale. Media purchasing is done independently by us. The risk for the campaign lies with us.

We will choose the solution that best fits your needs in a joint consultation with you.

We have operated our own ad server cluster with 100% uptime since 2007!

Our Adserver

We host our own ad server. This gives us control at the log file level and helps us measure all critical parameters.

Structure of the Cluster


Our ad server is certified by the following companies:

Official 3rd-Party Vendor of Yahoo

Approved 3rd-Party Adserver of Doubleclick
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