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We promote your campaigns for maximum success within our advertising network. This consists of large, international websites as well as national special-interest offers.
Our areas of expertise are retargeting, viewthrough-campaigns and contextual advertising. To top it off, we offer services in mobile advertising, Facebook marketing, search engine marketing, and publishing.

In a post-click advertising campaign, we manage your campaign to get the maximum number of clicks on your banner. This is done either through your advertising medium or through click-optimized advertising material provided specially by us.

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View-through tracking allows the placement of your advertising material in popular internet rankings in most prominent advertising fields at low-performance prices. You pay on per-lead or per-sale basis, but only if a conversion takes place within a defined time period after the placement of your advertising content..

Your advantage with view-through: You benefit from eye-catching top placement in a wide-reaching network at low-performance prices. Usually, view-through bookings are done in cooperation with selected advertising networks, which we are happy to name on request.

With a retargeting campaign, you can reach past visitors of your online store and customers who didn’t make a purchase after they leave your site.

The retargeting approach using banner advertising allows a user to return to the website or even directly to an incomplete purchase. Through the return of visitors and customers who didn’t finish their purchases, and also through other online advertising measures such as display campaigns, SEM or SEO, you can significantly raise the bottom line and reduce the rate of incomplete sales. This increases the efficiency of your overall online activities and saves you money.

Personalized Retargeting

For personalized retargeting, we create individual flash banners that contain the products the user has viewed in your online store. It is also possible to show an abandoned shopping cart.


Remarketing usually increases the click-through rate of your online campaign significantly, and can also increase sales. Your banner is displayed to past visitors of your online store. This variant is the easiest and fastest to implement.

Sayalota Retargeting Workflow

Banner Examples for Retargeting Banner

medium rectangle für personalisiertes Retargeting
Javascript Single Product Medium rectangle
Retargeting-Banner für ein ausgewähltes Produkt
Retargeting banner for a selected product
Remarketing advertising material for several products
Remarketing advertising material for several products
Sayalota handles many mobile campaigns for our customers and partners. Whether CPC, CPA or CPM, we combine various sales channels to fine-tune your campaign. We offer app installs, branding, wide-reaching campaigns or just clicks – contact us!

Facebook Exchange, the largest new direct marketing channel next to SEM, is now available through Sayalota

Retargeting on Facebook Exchange uses 99x72 pixel pictures, 25 characters in the title and 90 characters for your advertising text.

Google Adwords Kampagnen mit Sayalota
Because of our many years of campaign experience in the field of Adwords and managing many price comparison sites, we have one of the most extensive keyword databases in Germany. Even up to generating additional long tail keywords, we can provide added value to your campaign. Give us a try!

The internet is growing rapidly. Every day, users explore millions of websites based on their hobbies and interests. What if you could reach these users with specific advertising content while they are browsing sites with the same topics as the theme of your store? With Sayalota’s highly efficient contextual targeting, you can!

  • Sayalota’s contextual targeting displays your advertising material at exactly the same moment a user is surfing the web for content that matches your products or keywords – automatically and in real time.
  • Intelligent Spider scans and understands webpage content using words, linguistics, site structure and many other factors to ensure that your advertising materials gets proper exposure.
  • Contextual targeting can be combined easily with other targeting methods such as retargeting, frequency capping, etc.
  • Contextual targeting in the Sayalota network is controlled and implemented through the use of keywords.
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